November 24, 2012

Required watching

From my friend Rachel Lucas comes this stirring speech by Bill Whittle. enjoy.

Wouldn't it be nice...

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It sure would be nice. We can dream...

(You know what kinda freaks me out though? What if he did run for/become president? My name is in his first book and on his website and he has talked about me publicly [on that Stratosphere Lounge] show as the person who got him started with his own blog, which started all of this in a way. Do you think that in the process of "vetting" him, the MSM would look into me and my blog? And then even into my friends, like you? Does it freak you out at all to think about that? Gives me the shivers.)

Posted by: Rachel Lucas at November 25, 2012 06:56 AM

Some of my closest friends and family know my alter ego and blog "personality". Ahem. Anyway, I told my sister (who thankfully does NOT know) that I use my blog like Stephen King used Richard Bachmann: it's me without the conscience. So yeah, if I were completely exposed, it would ding me a bit, but I'd survive. And it would be worth it for someone like Bill to step into the fray.

Vetting me would be a big epic fail on the part of the MFM. I would undercut them by immediately owning up to my past indiscretions, so the threat of blackmail would go away. And then I would meet every question from our kneepad wearing brothers and sisters in the press with questions of my own, such as "Well John, I'll admit that [insert skeleton here] was stupid on my part. After all, we're all young and stupid for a little while. But it's not like I was busted snorting coke off of a transvestite hooker's breast in the dean's off, nor is it at all like getting kicked out of college for cheating on multiple exams. Wouldn't you agree, John? Or do you have something further to add?"

See, I can be a complete dick when riled. And the MFM has been riling me for many a year.

Posted by: physics geek at November 25, 2012 09:45 PM
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