July 07, 2010

Still here

I find that three kids and two jobs cuts into my blogging time a wee bit. Also, I used to post during lunch at my day job. Sadly, they've recently tightened the firewall, meaning I have to blog early or really late, neither of which has been working for me. However, things will settle down soon enough. Keep stopping by, if you like, and I promise not to post naked pictures of myself. Because really, that would just be gross.

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Pics of Pierce Brosnan or Jackie Chan would be appreciated. ;-)

Posted by: vwbug at July 8, 2010 06:34 AM

Option: Compose blogs in plain text (including plain text URLs, if you have them) & email yourself the file.

Or just put it onto a thumbdrive before you leave.

Add the links & whatnot after you get home.

Posted by: Harvey at July 10, 2010 03:17 PM

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