March 18, 2010

Jeff Goldstein in a nutshell

I give you this from Protein Wisdom:

I really canít tell you much about where I am exactly, because I was pretty fucked up when I got here, and I kinda kept passing out during orientation. If I had to guess, though, Iíd say Iím in Heaven. Because already I was able to score several ounces of crystalized Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, and I didnít even have to blow Carrot Top under the table at Nate Ďn Alís to do it.

I think Iím going to like Heaven.

Oh wait a minute. What I really meant to link to was this. Excerpt:

And if it passes ó and then somehow withstands the legal challenges ó itís game over for this American experiment.

And thatís not hyperbole. What weíve been witnessing is a kind of ideological coup ó decades in the making ó that will culminate in a takeover of a vast portion of the US economy. This takeover will lead to a proliferation of government unionized labor, which in turn will lead to a perpetual progressive majority wherein Democrats will be able to redistribute wealth in exchange for votes, essentially trading money for power in the form of legalized theft and bribery.

Thatís why a short-term defeat in mid-term elections doesnít much bother the leftwing ideologues driving this ďreformĒ debacle (to the point where we are all of us now daily counting votes for what we all know to be a cowardly and unconstitutional procedural gambit); because in the long term, the left has set itself up for a checkmate: as the economy moves more and more toward government-run jobs, competition will die out, and the left will have a stranglehold on the means of production. They will control you ó in exchange for the promises of cradle-to-grave ďprotections.Ē

Go for the dick and fart jokes and stay for the thoughtful analysis.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm ALWAYS into fart and dick jokes.

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