March 10, 2010

Water is wet

And Lindsay Graham and John McCain are still self-aggrandizing idiots. Everyone knew-everyone- that the only reason that the Democrats agreed to this was because they were in the minority at the time, and that there was no possible way that they'd agree to it when they became the majority party again. Everyone, that is, except for McCain and Graham.

Honestly guys, you were dupes, fools, rubes. They rode you hard and put you away wet. You didn't get $20 on the nightstand even. In other words, you fucked up: you trusted them. Why, I don't know. Oh wait a minute, I do: you're stupid. And despite the pain that your idiocy has cost this country, I can still take some small solace at the look of dawning realization on your faces as you -finally- realize that you've been had.

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