March 06, 2010

Quote of the day

From the resurrected Goldberg File:

Or take John Edwards. I've written some very harsh things about John Edwards over the years because I, like countless other conservatives, could tell that he is what social scientists call "full of sh*t" and an awful person. I once wrote something to the effect of: "No serious person I know thinks Edward would have ever gotten into politics if he'd been burnt by acid as a teenager." I remember some idjit left-wing blogs went beserk about what an idiot I was. Not only did they not get the joke, they insisted that John Edwards is the most sincere, caring, decent, honest, wonderful, shiny-happy-neato-peachy-keen, pretty person this side of a Teen Beat centerfold (I'm quoting from memory). Now, it's clear that John Edwards is to decent politics what crack whores are to nunnery.

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Update: From a later Goldberg File comes this gem: implantable permanent bras. Really.

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