March 03, 2010

I can't quite figure out what he's saying here

Dan Riehl is trying to make a point but I'll be darned if I can tell what it is. Excerpt:

This neophyte, this joke we have in the White House has absolutely no idea of the force and the rage he is about to unleash on him and his entire political party. If there are not enough responsible adults left within his party to rein in this accidental, affirmative action jerk, this self-styled, extremely flawed little man, then his party is worthless to America. It deserves to be marginalized electorally and, ultimately, utterly destroyed, before being relegated to the dung heap of history with the rest of the marxist, socialist clowns Americans have dispatched before.

Sigh. I wish he'd stop beating around the bush and get to point, which is by the way, what?

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