December 17, 2009

Brain damage

I've stopped reading Batshit Crazy Juice most of the time because, well, if I'm going to read drug-induced fiction, I'll pull out out my Edgar Allen Poe books. However, once in a while I click over to see what the Daily Dementia ™ (sorry for stealing your byline, Sully) is. Today I did it and I can't say that I regretted doing so. I needed a good laugh and the clusterfark at Bugfuck Crazy Urine provided it. It's like watching a paranoid schizophrenic chimpanzee suffering from ADD trying to type coherent sentences expounding on the general theory of relativity. It's entertaining for a while, what with all the screeching and poo flinging, but eventually it becomes simply boring, and then it's time to move on.

I won't link to him these days because he's, well, nuts and a dick, but I saw that Cole made the following comment:

Ehh. We humans had a good run.

What you mean we, white man? I suggest that you get your DNA tested because I think that you're mistaken in your belief.

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