December 08, 2009

In a nutshell

What do I think about Tiger Woods? Well, I think that he's quite possibly the best golfer that I've ever seen. Other golfers may possess as much actual talent and/or skill, but his mental toughness trumps that of his opponents every time. In that respect, he has no peer on the pro golf tour.

As to Tiger Woods the husband, well, let's just say that I think he's an absolute turd, a narcissistic jackass whose idea of being a family man is to have unprotected sex with numerous skanks while having screaming Who's your daddy! Add in the fact that his wife is drop dead, make your draw drop and your mouth dry gorgeous, and Woods appears to just be plain stupid as well.

Let's be clear: for all I know, Elin might be a knife-wielding psycho who attempted to go Lorena Bobbit on Tiger's wood. And sure, when you're rich, famous and good looking, women of all shapes and sizes will be throwing their panties at you. But so what? Be a man- an actual man, not merely someone with a penis- and do the right thing. If your wife is crazy, divorce her. If you want to have crazy kinky monkey sex with every PGA groupie, divorce your wife and proceed to act out every sexual fantasy that you can imagine that doesn't involve a donkey and a Great Dane. What you do NOT do is go all hump-bot crazy with every floozy who falls on her back with her legs spread and then go home to your I cannot believe how hot she is wife and mother of your children. Should that be the case, you deserve to have pretty much everything- money, kids, house, clothes- taken from you. You don't deserve to be beat upside the head with a golf club, but you pretty much deserve any other shit that your wife wants to inflict on you.

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Can you imagine being in his position? Successful, wealthy beyond belief and attractive women throwing themselves at him all the time.

Honestly, how many men could resist that heady attention and temptations?

Regardless, Mr Wood's reputation is going to suffer for a very long time.

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