November 30, 2009

Time for the tar and feathers

I've been watching Climaquiddick unfold with both amusement and growing horror.

First, the amusement: I've long opined that AGW is based on nothing more than wishing in one hand while pooping in the other, with the wish hand, against all reason, filling up more rapidly. And now we see that the wish hand was actually the poop hand, which kind of explains why it filled up so craptacularly.

Second, the growing horror: The work of "scientists" and programmers who conspired to cherry-pick and massage data; who actively tried to prevent critical articles from being published so as to foster the illusion of "consensus"; and who then used their fraud and bullying tactics as a way to control more of your life and your money. What's worse is that the true believers in AGW, while critical of the CRU tactics, remain unswayed in their dogmatic belief. Megan McArdle, I'm looking at you. I'm reminded of something I read-or watched- about a decade or so ago in which someone asked if there was any fact, or set of facts, that could convince the rest of the group that AGW wasn't real. Everyone said no, to which the questioner then replied "Amen" because that's what you're supposed to say at the end of a prayer.

One final thought: I've studied the code bits from the CRU data and as a former professional programmer, I'm offended. The programmers in question should be ashamed and should be blackballed forever. Unfortunately, they'll likely find gainful employment in our current government as the new Coding Czars, in charge of programming "standards" to which everyone will be forced to comply.

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Yes. To everything you said.

But then, I used to be a biophysicist who worked on computer models...!

Posted by: silvermine at November 30, 2009 12:00 PM