July 07, 2009

More geeky fun to save your old and out of print books

My collection of books is, umm, large. Growing too, which irritates -a little- my long suffering wife. I even built shelves into the wall of our living room and double and triple-stacked the books. And still I don't have enough space. Since a fair number of these books are old and out of print, it seems unlikely that anyone will produce and electronic version of them. However, all is not lost.

I love books. There is some truly fantastic knowledge and information hidden out there in hard to find, rare, and not commercially viable books. I find that I want my books with me everywhere. But that's where the problems begin. Buying, moving, storing, and preserving books means environmental costs... and when I loan a book to a friend, I no longer have access to it.

Digital books change the landscape . After suffering through scanning many of my old, rare, and government issue books, I decided to create a book scanner that anybody could make, for around $300. And that's what this instructable is all about. A greener future with more books rather than fewer books. More access to information, rather than less access to information. And maybe, years from now, a reformed publishing/distribution model (but I'm not holding my breath...).

Check out the rest if you want digitize your entire library.

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