March 18, 2009

Basketball funny

Pretty good effort from DJ Gallo. Excerpt:

No. 9 Siena (26-7) "So what if a fictional character is the most famous person from Siena College? Laugh it up. But you won't be laughing when we win the fictional national championship." -- Det. Olivia Benson, character on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," supposedly a graduate of Siena ... No. 7 Boston College (22-11) "I filled out two brackets this year. So I actually picked Boston College to win it all before I picked against them." -- Sen. John Kerry, Boston College Law School '76 ... No. 8 BYU (25-7) "I am excited about the Cougars' chances in the NCAA tournament. If they win it all, I have half a mind to go crazy and celebrate by wearing a Brooks Brothers button-down during a TV interview instead of a suit and tie. Who knows, I could even go with a sensible polo shirt?" -- Mitt Romney, BYU '71 ... No. 7 California (22-10) "Twenty-two wins. Tied for third in the Pac-10. Only a seven-seed? Getting very angry." -- Bill Bixby, attended Cal ... No. 13 Portland State (23-9) "I like basketball. I remember one time Hef took me to a Lakers game and all of a sudden I was like: 'Hef, I don't see any baskets! It's just some netting connected to a metal circle. They should call it netting-and-metal-circle-ball.' And Kendra was like: 'Straight up, yo!' Ohmigod, it was so funny." -- Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner's one-time girlfriend on "Girls Next Door," attended Portland State ... No. 6 UCLA (25-8) "What? Screw Siena. Go Bruins!" -- Mariska Hargitay, plays Det. Olivia Benson on "Law & Order: SVU," attended UCLA

More found here.

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