October 27, 2008

making my life easier

From Pamibe via Val comes this: a lazy bloggers post generator.

Ah, life is good. Now I need to code a bot to randomly enter the text for me. Here's the first "post" below the fold:

Holy crap! I just woke up to the fact I have not updated this since they invented sliced bread... You would not believe that I'd been abducted by aliens. But I'm sorry you'll just have to take my word for it..

I am overwhelmed with responding to fanmail, watching the grass grow, just generally being a nuisance to my kids, my day drinking from the light through yonder window breaks to I feel like going to bed. I am totally exhausted. primo.

I declare solemnly won't blog until the next time booze prices go up and I have to get sober for a while. Honestly! What do you mean you don't believe me?.

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