December 20, 2007

Apropos of nothing

Over at Vox's site, I left a comment about what I see are the obvious flaws of the current crop of presidential hopefuls. My final thought was somewhat snarky in nature, but then I thought it through:

  • I was born in this country
  • I'm 35+ years in age.
  • I've never been convicted of any crime, let alone a felony

And I've watched the West Wing and 24 on television, which means that I've absorbed presidential gravitas by osmosis. I'm hereby announcing my candidacy for president. It'll have to be as a write-in candidate, because I don't want to spend any actual money. I realize that Iowahawk's campaign got an earlier start, but frankly, I think that I'd be better for the job. Besides, that Burge dude ignored my request for a cabinet position. Not that I'm bitter, of course. In any event, my stupid, futile and pointless quest for Oval Office is now officially launched. PHYSICS GEEK 2008. Motto: brew and drink your own beer, earn and spend your own money, and kick DC in the gonads.

I eagerly await the returns on election night. Just think how great it will be to see all of the talking heads go WTF?! on every freaking channel.

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Well, if you don't get enough write-ins, I hope Teh Fred picks you for his running mate.

Posted by: Ken S, Fifth String on the Banjo of Life at December 20, 2007 03:53 PM