June 06, 2007


I've noticed some things over the last few years while clicking through the blogosphere:

1) There are some pretty smart people. And freaking stupid ones.

2) The political divide on blogs is vast, even more so than I anticipated.

3) Bloggers tend to help each other out when the chips are down.

Some of you may remember other bloggers requesting help/money these last few years: Dean; Misha; Lileks; Kevin; Jeff; and other who I cannot remember right now. People came out of the woodwork with donations. It was touching and, more importantly, the donations helped.

Why do I mention this? Because Rick Moran has made a similar request. He would like to keep writing for a living, but he also wants to keep him and his wife fed, clothed and housed. This fund drive could provide Rick with the wherewithal to keep on blogging, pissing off amusing readers on the right and left. Anyway, please go here and give, if you're so inclined. Every little bit helps.

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