June 06, 2007

Fund raising made easy

Iowahawk delivers another classic. Excerpt:

Skip to 7.

7. Now that you know the facts, would you like to reconsider giving a donation?

If "yes," return to 1a; if "no," go to 8

8. Two words: Nancy Pelosi. You at least have to admit we're somewhat better than Nancy Pelosi.

If "yes," return to 1a; if "go fuck yourself," go to 9

9. If I actually did fuck myself, would that help you reconsider giving a donation?

If "yes," describe fucking self and return to 1a; if "no," go to 10

10. All right then. Thank you for your time.

Despite not being a registered Republican, I've received dozens of GOP fundraising phone calls and they seem genuinely perplexed by my hope that the GOP national party should go piss up a rope. However, I'm very polite as I tell them to remove my name from their list, and that I hope the current GOP leadership gets an incurable case of chiggers in their nether regions.

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