February 01, 2007

Easy Debian install

While it's true that there are a large number Linux distros, it's also true that a great many of them are based on Debian. So why don't you install Debian? Well, to be honest, it can be a bit tricky. However, the folks at project EasyDeb have done their best to simplify things for you. Here's what you do:

1) Download the net install cd that you need - you can get at debian.org or get the daily build that we have tested here at the downloads. {right now we only support x86 and x86_64 (intel/amd 32/64bit) systems}

2) Do a "STANDARD" install. - this means that the only thing that's need or needs to be checked ist the box that reads:STANDARD.

3) When the install is finished & you have been rebooted, login as ROOT

4) type => init 3

5) type => cd /usr/local/src

6) type => wget http://www.easydeb.org/SKRIPZ/install-easydeb.sh

7) type => sh install-easydeb.sh

8) ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION AND/OR ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ON THE SCREEN. - most of which can be answered with the default answer (hit the enter key)

That's about all...

Looks pretty easy, doesn't it? I've got an older laptop gathering dust in the corner that I'd like to try this method out on. With two small children around, what I don't have is lots of time. However, the process looks fairly straightforward. I'll probably download the net install CD image and burn a disc tonight, just so that I'm ready when I find the time. At some point, I'll report on what happened.

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