January 31, 2007


I've probably asked about 1,000 women whether or not they like the Three Stooges. At a conservative ratio of 99 to 1, women loathe the eye-poking trio, whichever edition is on. Anyway, Michele illustrates my point here. Excerpt:

Maybe I don't like slapstick humor. I like my jokes subtle. Low key. I like humor that makes me think. Slapping someone upside the head forty times in half an hour only makes me think "Who the fuck is lauging at this and when did he get that lobotomy?"

There was an old episode of Mad About You where Paul Reiser's character had run to his studio to avoid a squabble with his wife, played by the yummy Helen Hunt. Anyway, she shows up and sees that Paul is watching old Stooges videos and exclaims, "They're not even funny!" Paul immediately replies, "We're not going to have this argument again."

Am I going somewhere with this? Not really. I was trying to figure out a way to work the lyrics to some other piece of disco crap into this post, but I couldn't quite swing it.

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