January 25, 2007

What he said

Ace types a letter to Paris Hilton that echoes my own thoughts.

I know what you're thinking: you were a physics geek in college; you'd have hit anything. While that sounds reasonable because, umm, well, physics majors and girls are the twain that don't meet, you'd be wrong because logic is a physicist's forte. And logically speaking, I wouldn't hit something that makes the a $10 dollar crack whore on the street corner look reputable by comparison. PH reminds me of the girl who effed the entire football team in high school and then followed that up by humping the team mascot: a pot-bellied pig. Poor pig.

Let's face it: PH has the morals of an alley cat on Spanish fly, the muscle tone of a cadaver and enough creepy crawlies in and around her cooch to kill most of the first, second and third world. The fact that some people think she's sexy disturbs me quite a lot.

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