December 01, 2006

Free doesn't mean that it's crap

Been looking for some good software, but didn't want to spend a bundle on it? Have I got an article for you:

A computer with no software is like a garden with no tools, not much is going to happen without a rake, trowel or spade. But donít worry because help is at hand. We have collected 20 programs that will quickly become indispensable; some are replacements for the offerings supplied with Windows and others are worthy alternatives to expensive software.

Wherever possible we have found software that costs nothing beyond the internet connection and will do everything that the software you buy in the shops does. To make sure you have the best possible chance of getting the software, we have put aside a dedicated part of our website for this purpose.

The article goes on to list Open Office, Firefox, the GIMP, Thunderbird, Skype and others. Their list of other free software is pretty good, too.

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Hmmm, sounds interesting.... I have to see that list.

Posted by: Mathew at December 6, 2006 04:03 AM

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