November 03, 2006

Up yours

The Defense Department implemented a program that allows members of the US military stationed abroad to submit ballots via email or fax. It's designed to make certain that our men and women in uniform get the opportunity to cast a meaningful ballot. That's a good thing, right? Apparently not if you're Democratic Rep. Rush Holt from New Jersey:

In a letter to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, Democratic Rep. Rush Holt said the electronic registration and voting service is well-intentioned, but could expose troops to identity theft, or allow hackers or others to tamper with the ballots when they are in transit.

You mean like having illegal aliens or dead people vote? I'll tell you what: when you author legislation in New Jersey requiring people to show ID at the polls, I'll give you a pass. Until that day, when monkeys will be streaming out of my ass in large numbers, you can take your military vote suppressing ass-because they vote strongly Republican- somewhere and drink a nice, tall glass of STFU.

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