August 30, 2012

Let's get ready to rumble

Four years ago I was in the Mitt Romney camp because, well, McCain. This time around, I was hoping for something more in a candidate. To give Mitt his due, though, he's really punched back hard. Unlike McCain, it appears as though he actually wants to win this thing. And last night he unleashed the boyish, smiling, cold-blooded assassin named Paul Ryan on the Democrats. I think that Chris Matthews spent the night wetting his bed. Not that that would be anything different, mind. In any event, I really enjoyed the speech.

What's next? Well, after the balloons drop tonight, Romney will finally be able to start spending the huge pile of cash on hand, plus any more that might drop in due to, you know, Ryan. Are there any states where a bunch of TV, print and radio ads might prove helpful? Survey says... "duh".

And now back to thinking about the upcoming Vice-Presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. And smiling. A lot.

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So. Paul Ryan's speech

Pretty good stuff, huh?

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August 24, 2012

Buttercup is evil

I had managed to live until today without hearing about the Legend of Lemmiwinks. Now, sadly, I'll be having nightmares about small furry animals and bodily insertion methods. Thanks.

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