November 30, 2010

Still at it

Truthfully, I'm never certain how to categorize Ms. Catalano, but she usually makes me laugh. Have at it.

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Oh, Christmas tree (repost)

Reposted from last year. Expect. more reruns until EOY; I'm quite busy.
While some of you might think that the picture below is cute and creative, what you're missing is that it's a crime against nature. Look closely and see if you can spot what's wrong.

beer bottle tree.JPG

Did you notice? The bottles are EMPTY!!! They should be full until you slowly disassemble the tree over the course of a few days, emptying the bottles into your stomach. Now that's a celebration.

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Repost: night before Christmas parody?

I posted this last year and got no takers. Perhaps someone can help me out of my misery this year. I believe that I heard it on the John Boy and Billy Bob (or whatever they're called) while Christmas shopping.

To any and all who read this: last weekend while out and about, I heard a bit on the radio which I supposed could be called "The Shatner Before Christmas". Actually, I don't know what it was named, I'm just guessing. Anyway, it was a comedian spoofing Shatner's inimitable delivery doing a Star Trek: TOS version of The Night Before Christmas. I've searched around the Intertubes and haven't been able to find the audio yet in any format. Here are some particulars of the bit:

  • "Kirk" does the whole narration, mentioningg Uhura, Spock and Bones by name
  • Klingon C(K?)laus makes an appearance
  • Kirk's gift is "a girdle with a message that said 'Just your size'"
  • Kirk then blows Klingon Claus to smithereens with photon torpedoes

No, I can't remember which radio station I was listening to, as I was busy trying to avoid commercials. If I knew which station it was, I could call the station and ask. Anyway, has anyone else heard this? More to the point, does anyone know what it's actually called and where I can find it?

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So Blogrolling has gone the way of the dodo. Now I have to rebuild my blogroll. From scratch. And I'm lazy. Oh well, time for more beer.

Oh yeah: I plan to blog on a regular basis again. Child #3 has been taking a lot of my time, for which I'm immensely grateful, but it's time to hop back in the saddle again.

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November 03, 2010

My only post election comment will be a picture

And it's worth a thousand words, courtesy of Ace:


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