June 17, 2010

The best take on the Etheridge incident so far

And it's from Iowahawk, of course.

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June 03, 2010

Cool software

I can't draw worth a toot (just ask my physics professors how unreadable my force diagrams were). Now, it's no longer an issue. I can turn pictures into sketches using FotoSketcher.

I'll create a "pencil sketch" later and upload it so that all can gaze on my works and despair.

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June 02, 2010

This is a test

Well, the firewall I'm behind got a bit tighter. Even if this post goes through, I won't be able to verify it until I get home.

Right now, you might be asking yourself (thanks to  both of my readers) why I'm doing this. The reason is that I'm probably safer doing things on the 'Net than our IT security people and want to prove that some roadblocks simply aren't worth the effort to institute. You want to protect the company's assets? Let me have the tools I need to do it. And no, those tools do not include blogging software, but that's not really my point, mainly because I don't have one.

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