May 24, 2010

Well, I liked the finale of Lost

"See you in another life, Brotha."

I correctly guessed some of what would happen during last night's series final, but was surprised by others (join the club, right?). In any event, I'm glad that I invested six years of my TV watching time in this series. It frustrated and bothered me at times, but most of all it entertained me, and I will remember it. And that's really all that you can ask of a television show.

Goodbye, Lost. Thanks for the ride.

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May 19, 2010

Because I've got nothing else today

The other day, I was flipping through the channels when I stumbled onto a fairly bland, stupid movie. I was about ready to change it, when something caught me eye. Or rather I should say that someone caught my eye: Emanuelle Vaugier.

I knew that she looked familiar and IMDB confirmed this fact. She's been in a host of movies and/or TV shows I've seen. And I remembered her because she's darned easy on the eyes. As evidence, I offer the following:



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May 17, 2010

Let's rock

Back in the mid-1980s, I heard that AC/DC was reforming the band to make a new album; saw a short blurb in USA Today. Considering that their last few albums since Back In Black had pretty much sucked, I figured that this venture was doomed to obscurity as best and monumental suckage at worst. Anyway, I came home from school for a brief break before heading off to work that night and turned on MTV-

You remember MTV, right? They used to play music videos instead of bullshit "reality" series.

- and this video came on. I left early to go buy the CD before going into work that night.

Sorry I cannot embed the video. Apparently that capability has been disabled "by request" for this video. Enjoy anyway.

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May 14, 2010

Required reading

It's Iowahawk, of course. Hie thee hence.

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May 11, 2010

Quote of the week

From an article at Cracked:

As a child, George Lucas was a big fan of the sci-fi and adventure serials of the 30s. As an unknown director, he tried to get the rights to remake Flash Gordon into a sci-fi epic. The problem being that those rights were owned by King Features... the same people who said "no" to the game that would become Donkey Kong. You probably see where this is going.

In an interview contained in The Making of Star Wars, Lucas recalls that when he met with King Features to discuss Flash Gordon, they were asking for 80 percent of the profits, Federico Fellini as the director and probably a magical unicorn that granted wishes by giving blowjobs.

Smiling and laughing still hurt right now, so I'm in a fair amount of pain right now. But darn, it was worth it.

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May 10, 2010

Running Wizard101 in Linux

Well, the directions are from an Ubuntu forum, but I don't see why it shouldn't work on almost any Linux distribution that can handle Wine. In any event, if you're a fan of Wizard101, but want to play the game in Linux rather than Windows, here are the gory details:

The Tutorial

Welcome to my first tutorial on Ubuntu forums. In this wonderful tutorial (lol) I will be showing you how to run and install Wizard 101 perfectly, with no problems. Wizard 101 is a Windows based game, not a Linux or Macintosh game. Why? Well programming on a Windows operating system is easier than Linux and/or Mac. Also, the majority of the world is Windows based. However, Linux has a secret weapon called Wine! Wine basically allows you to enjoy Windows applications/games on your Linux operating system, perfectly (sometimes). Lets get started on installing Wine and setting up Wizard101!

Note: You will be asked to enter your "root" password, in order to install Wine.

Installing Wine

1. Installing Wine - Install Wine first.

sudo apt-get install wine wine-utils

2. Configuring Wine - Do this after installing Wine.



Installing Wizard101

1. Download Wizard101 - Need this in order to play & install.


2. Open your newly downloaded .zip file and extract the .exe.

3. Right click on the InstallWizard101.exe and select "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader."

4. Read & follow the instructions when you open the InstallWizard101.exe. Set your settings like the screenshot below. (Hardware Cursor should be unchecked)


5. Wait for patching to finish and finally enter your username and password, then click "Play." Now you're done

Looks pretty straightforward. Now to finish converting the castoff machine from my father-in-law...

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May 04, 2010

I cannot believe that this is a serious question

So our would be terrorist is not only-thankfully- a moron, he's also a naturalized U.S. citizen. People keep asking whether or not he should be Mirandized like it's a legitimate question. It isn't. He's a citizen of the USA and deserves the full protection that the law allows. The fact that he's clearly murderous scum is beside the point.

Update: Looks like I'm not the only one who feels that way.

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Hye, what about physics majors?

So the Puppy Blender is willing to help out chimps with their social problems, but not physics students. I find that almost as appalling as women found my major back in college.

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Words fail me

Since this recipe exists, I would say that the world won't end with a bang or a whimper. Instead, it will end in a big pool of vomit.

Think of it: deep-fried Coca-Cola. Better yet, don't. Just... don't.

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