July 29, 2009

Rule 5 Bikinifest (Scottish, Spanish and Australian edition)

Sure, it's a cheap disgusting way to garner hits. Sue me. But before you do, check out the pretty little lassies below. Click on the images to expand to full size.

elsa pataky 1600x1200 (1).jpg




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What he said

Whenever I hear the "40+ million people don't have health insurance", I want to punch whoever said it in the mouth. Hard. Because it's balderdash. Daylight's Mark explains:

On the 47 million people without health insurance point, that too is a statistic where there is less than meets the eye. First, health insurance does not equal health care (there are not just emergency rooms but cash-based clinics, and conversely, a lot of people with insurance don’t get good health care). Second, of that 47 million, 14 million are already eligible for existing programs (Medicare, Medicaid, veterans’ benefits, SCHIP) yet have not enrolled, 9.7 million are not citizens, 9.1 million have household incomes over $75,000 and could but choose not to purchase insurance, and somewhere between 3 and 5 million are uninsured briefly(<2 months) between jobs. That leaves about 10 million Americans who are chronically without insurance. Needless to say, extending the blanket of coverage to this group should not cost $1.5 trillion and require a wholesale overhaul of all of medicine.

I can already hear the "But-but-but YOU WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!!!" emanating from the overused pieholes of some our less lucid citizens. Be aware that if I wanted any more shit out of you, I'd squeeze your head.

Thanks to Megan for the link.

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Remember when I decried the messianic nature of Barry's campaign last fall? Apparently some people thought that he didn't go far enough. I give you the following special carrying case:


You can actually buy one; you don't even need a Bible. This cover will warm your heart, pay your mortgage and make you a sexual machine.

Thanks, I guess, go to Neal Boortz for providing a link to this piece of Barry worship.

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July 28, 2009

Funny. I watched it, too

Bill watched Independence Day. AGAIN, from beginning to end. Strangely, I was watching it at the same time and for similar non-reasons:



Then again, I've been watching the fair Ms. Colin for more than twenty years, so I'm a little biased. Nothing against Ms. Vivica Fox, though.

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Seriously cool geeky DIY gadget

I've long desired an LCD projection device to watch movies in big screen format at my house. Sadly, not being independently wealthy, I've had to suffer along with my 32" CRT television. Don't cry for me; the picture is great and the set is long since paid for.

Anyway. It turns out that you can build your own LCD projector for a fraction of the cost of a commercial device. Also, the replacement bulbs will cost you substantially less than the ones for the commercial devices. Total cost? Well, it depends on how much of your equipment is brand new, used or salvaged from the scrap heap. The current lowball estimate at Lumenlab is around $300 which, while not free, is eminently doable.

So go read the guide and determine if you're in the mood for a little DIY project that will make women fall at your feet.

Hat tip to Hack N Mod.

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Rule 5 Bikinifest (British invasion)

Well, I see that Smitty has a new sort of Rule 5 post up. Since this post needs to have an international flavor, I thought that I would weigh in with a trio of buxom British babes in bikinis. As far as my eye can tell, assets are not doctor assisted. Not that there's anything wrong with silicon mind, but I prefer that substance to be found in CPUs, not mammary glands.




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July 27, 2009

Don't make him angry

Apparently, Adam Roberts doesn't think much of this year's Hugo nominees. One of the nominees, the estimable John Scalzi, responds. Excerpt:

That said, Roberts makes a major unforced error by addressing his kvetch to science fiction fandom, since what essentially what’s he’s written comes across like so:

Dear Science Fiction Fandom:

Hey, you know those books you loved enough this year to nominate for awards? The ones that made you happy or made you cry or made you think or had characters you liked, in situations that thrilled you? Yes, well, they actually kinda suck. So, despite the fact that you’ve made science fiction a foundational part of your life, follow and support the genre, and are grown-up, accomplished people who are on average both smarter and better read than the average Joe, you are somewhat full of FAIL. Please try to be less fail-tastic in the future, or I will be forced to once again assume that the reason you select the Hugo nominees you do has in fact nothing to do with the fact you actually like the books, because that would just be silly.


Adam Roberts

What makes this an error is the tangential fact Mr. Roberts is a science fiction author himself. Here’s something that we in the kvetching industry like to call a “pro tip”: If you take the time to squat and pinch off a steaming ass-loaf of condescension onto the heads of the people most committed to the genre of literature you happen to write in, you may find they will remember that fact when they see your books in the stores. As in “oh, here’s the book of that guy who thinks my taste in literature sucks.” How motivated does that make the average science fiction fan to buy a book? Well, you know: How motivated would it make you?

Update: Oops. I found that my cut/paste had included way more than I had planned to post here. Apologies to Mr. Scalzi for posting more than fair use should allow.

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July 24, 2009

Sad news

Rachel's beloved dog, Sunny, has passed away. Stop by and offer her your condolences. Small comfort to be sure, but I'm certain that offer will be appreciated nonetheless.

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July 23, 2009

Dare to dream

Iowahawk has a vision for the nation, something far more historic than JFK's smallish plan to put a man on the Moon.

If America wants to get back on the right track, scientific space mission-wise, we need to once again pick an inspiring, audacious goal, and man it with the kind of inspirational crew to make it happen. At long last, let us realize mankind's most cherished dream -- sending the entire United States Congress to the Moon by 2010.

When I mention this proposal to my space engineering friends at Meier's Tap, they are often skeptical. They'll argue it's impossible, that even NASA's most powerful booster rockets never anticipated a payload of 535 people including Charlie Rangel and Jerrold Nadler. Look man, I'm just the idea guy, and I'm sure those details can be worked out. When John F. Kennedy first proposed going to the Moon in 1961, did you people expect him to already have a formula for Tang? The beauty of my proposal is that our Astro-Congress is already on payroll -- and chock full of crisis tested problem-solving engineers. If they can take over the entire US auto industry and re-engineer the American heath care system in two weeks, surviving a Moon mission will be a snap!

Now that's a plan to put my tax dollars to good use. In fact, probably the best use to which they could be put.

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Blackstone was wrong

There's a sucker born every second.

So 25% of the people polled think that the stimulus has helped. I wonder: what color is the sky in their world? Or can they simply not see it because their lips are planted the president's ass?

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I assume that the question is entirely rhetorical

Excerpt from today's Nealz Nuze:

The Michigan Democratic Party is considering asking voters to raise the state's minimum wage to $10 an hour. That'll work out real well for their economy. My God. Are these people really that stupid?

Survey says...

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July 22, 2009

Quote of the day

From The Troglopundit:

Do you ever think to yourself: y’know what, self? Maybe the Left really isn’t as ludicrously self-absorbed and non-intellectual as I’ve been thinking they are. Maybe their positions really are rationally constructed, even though I might disagree.

Of course you haven’t. Why would you? It’s clearly nonsense.

That is some weapons grade snark right there. Read the rest.

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July 16, 2009

Puiblic service announcement

If you like chewing gum- as I do- you probably never thought about some of the dangers associated with said act, especially if you swallow it. View the image below the fold for a visual representation of the danger.


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July 15, 2009

Just when you thought you get away from Twitter

A new tool comes along to make sure that you can run, but you can't hide from Twitter. Ever.

Once you've installed the add-on into Outlook, you'll need to take a trip to the Options panel to enter your Twitter account details, and you'll probably want to choose a new folder to place incoming Twitter messages so they don't get mixed in with your regular email. Once you've completed that step, you should be able to start sending, replying, or retweeting messages easily—but the really interesting feature is the ability to track keywords with a search term, and filter through those messages locally.

I use Tweetdeck because it's a lot easier to deal with than the web interface. Twindeck looks like a real productivity killer though, as I have my email open all of the time. I can see this being real popular with the spouse. But hey, if I can get everyone else to join in...

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Beat the heat

Does your car feel uncomfortably warm when you first hop in? Does your skin stick to the seats in a most irritating way? Do the assholes take all the parking spots next to the two shade trees, forcing you to park in direct sunlight all day? If so, have I got a low cost project for you.

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July 14, 2009

Okay, so I was bit slow to finish my series

But Popular Mechanics could have waited another couple of weeks before publishing its guide to brewing beer. It would have been the polite thing to do.

Thanks to that Puppy Blending monster.

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July 11, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

I was doing the guy thing with the TV remote and stumbled across several science fiction movies, new and old, containing some of the hottest women and women-like creatures in the universe. Since I'm a scifi fan- but not a SyFy fan (seriously: WTF were they thinking with that dumbass rebranding?)- I thought that this would be a good opportunity to indulge my taste for hot women in science fiction and got for one million hits on this blog which, at the current rate, will occur sometime around 2025.

Okay, I dig women, regardless of the scientific accuracy of their surroundings. But I've got to pretend that there is a good reason for this post. Right?






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July 10, 2009

Time to water the trees of freedom

Pamela links to an abomination called HR 1966, which would make you a felony if you offend someone electronically. So if I said that Nancy Pelosi was an intellectually incurious incompetent whose Botox riddled gray matter functions on a lower level than that of a slime mold, and said incompetent moron takes offense, I face time in jail. Seriously. Bill Quick adds some commentary, none of which I disagree with.:

This is the very definition of totalitarianism.

Folks, we are no longer governed by men and women who believe in, and honor, the American dream of liberty. We are ruled by power-crazed tyrants of a sort that would have made the Founders reach for their muskets and their torches.

I would simply add that if the contents of this bill do not make you think that this is an appropriate time to "spit upon your hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats", then you and I have nothing to discuss, except for how I'm going to defeat, destroy and ruin you.

Update: Mike has more:

Every word he says is true. We are not in danger of losing our country; we have lost it, and the all-powerful government we are subjects of, whose greasy tentacles now reach into every corner of our lives, is nothing the Founders would either recognize or honor. Yes, these outrageous bills haven’t actually passed, and may not — yet. That’s not the problem. The problem is that we are ruled, as Bill has said, by people for whom the Constitution is not a sacred document to be revered and strictly adhered to, but merely an obstacle to be circumvented or ignored. And if these autocratic bastards don’t succeed now, you can be assured they’ll try again later, and will keep right on trying, until they’re removed from office — or dead.

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July 07, 2009

More geeky fun to save your old and out of print books

My collection of books is, umm, large. Growing too, which irritates -a little- my long suffering wife. I even built shelves into the wall of our living room and double and triple-stacked the books. And still I don't have enough space. Since a fair number of these books are old and out of print, it seems unlikely that anyone will produce and electronic version of them. However, all is not lost.

I love books. There is some truly fantastic knowledge and information hidden out there in hard to find, rare, and not commercially viable books. I find that I want my books with me everywhere. But that's where the problems begin. Buying, moving, storing, and preserving books means environmental costs... and when I loan a book to a friend, I no longer have access to it.

Digital books change the landscape . After suffering through scanning many of my old, rare, and government issue books, I decided to create a book scanner that anybody could make, for around $300. And that's what this instructable is all about. A greener future with more books rather than fewer books. More access to information, rather than less access to information. And maybe, years from now, a reformed publishing/distribution model (but I'm not holding my breath...).

Check out the rest if you want digitize your entire library.

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July 06, 2009

Word association

Sort of, anyway. Check out this comment from Hot Air. It made me laugh. A lot.

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July 05, 2009

Well, now I know what he uses to wash down a puppy aperitif

So, the Instamonster brews, or has brewed, beer. Who knew? Excerpt:

Brewing is kind of social, and the two guys I used to brew with puppies I used to sip moved away were all in my belly.

Ah well, he at least links to this article on brewing rigs, some of which I had planned to cover anyway, once I got around to advanced brewing concepts. Which reminds me: keep reading for installment #4 of Brewing Your First Beer. After I -finally- finish that series, I'll move on to intermediate brewing techniques, and eventually to advanced ones. Hopefully my readers (bless you both) will stay on board throughout.

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July 02, 2009

Now that you ask, no, it doesn't seem like a good idea to have voted for Obama

Okay, I didn't vote for Obama, but 52% or so of you did. Neal Boortz has a few thoughts for all of you: STILL GOT THAT OBAMA BUMPER STICKER ON YOUR CAR?

I know, it's hard to admit that you were wrong, isn't it? I mean, after all, how in the world can you admit that voting for someone with absolutely no experience at all - a former ACORN street organizer - someone who gravitated to Marxist professors and communist student groups in college - someone with no record of significant accomplishment at any endeavor - and someone who ran for office on the basis of focus-group slogans - how can you ever admit that such a vote might have been a mistake?

Do you see our economy improving? Have you noticed the improving employment figures?

Are you impressed by the burgeoning national debt that your children are going to have to pay back?

Are you looking forward to seeing your health care rationed?

How about the nationalization of General Motors, Citigroup and others? That's why you put that bumper sticker on your car, isn't it? So Obama could use some of his immense business experience to run some of our major industries. You do know he will nationalize the banks soon, don't you? Is that the change you had in mind?

Don't you see how smart this "sort-of" God really is? He's raising taxes while other nations are lowering business and personal taxes to fight the economic downturn. You knew that he knew something that the other world leaders didn't know ... didn't you?

How about our shows of determination and strength to North Korea and Iran? Obama really has the Gargoyle and Shorty in a tizzy, doesn't he? And I'm sure you're very impressed by Obama's instantaneous backing of that wannabe dictator and Chavez acolyte from Honduras.

So ... still got that Obama bumper sticker on your car? It's one thing to have been so profoundly ignorant in the last election. It's quite another to advertise it.

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Time to stock up on big ass light bulbs

Well, our duly elected officials in DC weren't allowed to read the C&T monstrosity, or its retarded cousin, the 300+ page amendment. However, someone HAS taken the time to wade through the economy destroying piece of shit and reports the following:

And how will this bill affect you? It has regulations on every single aspect of your daily life. There are light bulb restrictions (no more than 60 watts in your candelabra); in fact there’s a whole section that deals with lamps. If you decide to build a new home, it must meet new and specific energy requirements. If you decide to sell your existing home, a federal inspector must inspect your home, determine it’s energy rating, and if your home is found to be unacceptable then you must retrofit and make changes before you will be able to sell.

Hmm. I think the proper response to that bit of nonsense is to reply "blow me", and in a none too polite tone of voice.

But hey, it's not all a loss: I hear that Congress will give m $750 for my seven year old car, which will give me a nifty down payment on a new car, sure to cost upwards of $25,000. So I've got that goin' for me, too. Heck, that sounds almost as pleasant as shoving a red hot poker up the inside of my penis. Let's go!

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July 01, 2009

Updating the blogroll

Well, Andrea Harris caught me off guard this time. She usually moves on 12/31-1/01 each year. This time, she decided to move in the middle of June. Turns out that she's resurrected Spleenville HQ, so be sure to update your linky things.

You can run Andrea, but you can't hide.

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