September 08, 2006

4 decades without a woman

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Star Trek. What started as a scifi TV show that got kicked around on the schedule a bit before getting dumped morphed into a worldwide phenomenon, spawning numerous sequels/spin-offs and movies. In fact, the ST movies series is, I believe, Paramount's most succesful of all time. Not too shabby. Anyway, here's the link to a blog celebrating ST's 40th. It includes this post by scifi legend, Arthur C. Clarke.

Hat tip to Ith.

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Interesting... but why is he wearing a dress in all those pictures?

Posted by: Watcher at September 13, 2006 09:09 AM

I dunno. He's old, ill and lives in Sri Lanka. Maybe it's the dress code.

Posted by: physics geek at September 14, 2006 02:50 PM