February 07, 2006

Renewal of the blood feud

Duke travels to Chapel Hill tonight in the first of two face-offs between bitter, geographically close hated enemies rivals, with the second meeting to occur on March 4.

Quick question for all you supposed college basketball experts: what made you think that "UNC won't be very competitive this year"? Are you all on crack, or do you simply like to spout nonsensical statements in the hopes that people won't notice? I freaking hate UNC's basketball team(my blood runs Duke blue), but I certainly respect them. Oh, and that Roy Williams guy? He's a pretty good coach. You might have heard of him; he won the national championship last year.

So UNC lost their 7 best players from last year. Boo-effing-hoo. Anyone who thinks that Williams couldn't coach some even some high school also-rans to about 20 wins is dreaming. And the guys he brought in this year are a lot better than that.

What were some of the "informed" comments I heard? Here's a sample:

They'll play hard, but they won't come close to cracking the top 25.

Williams needs another recruiting class or two to become competitive in the ACC.

And Sports Illustrated ranked their top 50 teams in the preseason. UNC didn't make that list. I was reading the article whilst sitting on the john, which seemed appropriate because I called BULLSHIT then.

Anyway, if you want to see the best rivalry in college basketball, bar none, you should tune in to watch. I know that I will.

Update: This year's Duke team is going to give me a freaking aneurysm before the season is over. My head hurts and I'm shaking. And Duke won. Eesh.

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