June 13, 2005

A truly progressive church

I discovered the following definition while perusing the comments over at Vox's place:

The other day a friend and me joked about what a completely progressive "pastor" would be:

The "pastor" is a woman of course who is married to another woman who used to be a man, but before she decided on a transgendered life partner she experimented with alternative lifestyles until she was happiest. She would support abortion (having had two herself when she was younger), support embryonic stem cell research, gay marriage, and be a member of the green party. Theologically and philosophically she would put tolerance above truth and consistently undermine the authority of the Bible by questioning its historical accuracy in almost every area. Her sermons would never mention sin, hell, evil (unless she is referring to Bush or Hitler), or even salvation. She would teach that God and would essentially be a universalist.

I just can't wait to go to that church.

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