June 02, 2005

And they called it Puppy love...

Periodically I will boot from my Knoppix distro CD. While I have two CD-ROM's on my computer, it's sometimes a nuisance to only have one available when Knoppix is running. Barry Kauler from Australia has removed that little problem with his distro creation, Puppy Linux, which boots from the little old thumb-sized memory sticks. Excerpt:

"I think one of the key advantages of Puppy is the simplicity," said Barry Kauler, the developer of Puppy Linux, in an e-mail interview. "When other distributions start up, you see all these servers loading, but in Puppy it's really basic and bootup is remarkably fast. However, I still managed to stick to the requirement of it all loading into RAM and freeing up the CD drive, on a reference 128MB PC."

That small-is-beautiful theme is Puppy's raison d'etre, according to Kauler. "If I were pressed to list why I think people use Puppy, it would be [that it's] very simple under-the-hood, very easy to use, very fast, highly portable, and easy to install."

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