May 18, 2005

Evil Empire vs. Evil Empire

I received the following via email and have not located the source. Anyone who finds the link, let me know. Thanks.

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Update: Found it over at ESPN. Nick Bakay is the creator.


Evil Empire
vs. Evil Empire


"Star Wars"



Potent quotables
"Luke, I am your father."
"Pedro, I am your daddy."
Push – kids, no one wins with patricide.
Organizational goals
Utter domination and destruction of all
those who stand in the way.

Wait, isn't that what I just said?
When the going gets tough, they:
Reach for their laser
Reach for the roster of the nearest small
market team.

"Star Wars," until that checkbook
pays for someone under the age of 30.

Title fights
"Star Wars," and dignity
Biggest party animals in franchise history
Jabba the Hutt
Ruth, the Babe
Home-field advantage
The Death Star
South Bronx – the other death star
Who you meet in line for tickets:
A 29-year-old virgin with a plastic light

A 29-year-old felon with a plastic beer

"Star Wars"
You know a fan has sipped the Kool-Aid

He thinks chicks dig a guy in a Darth
Maul mask that smells of sweat and acne medication.

He thinks George has mellowed.
"Star Wars"
You'll never lose ...:
Your spot in line, thanks to your officially
licensed "Revenge of the Sith" catheter.

A free agent, as long as they keep raising
the subscription rates for the YES Network.

Let's just move on ...
White storm trooper unis fashioned from
leftover Mazda 280Z panels.

Classic pinstripes left over from the
days when they were in first place.

Tactics of victory
Rely on the Dark Force to lure the unwilling
with the promise of unlimited power.

Rely on the checkbook to lure the unwilling
with the promise of unlimited funds.

Hired guns just there for the money
Boba Fett, Jango Fett ... hell, any of
the Fett's.

Mike Stanton, Mike Mussina ... hell, all
the Mikes.

The price of disappointing your leader
You might lose a hand
You get to be one of 12 designated hitters
Tall 'n hairy
Randy Johnson
"Star Wars" – when was the
last time Chewie went on the DL?

Short 'n scary
George's temper
If only Jar Jar Binks had kept his mouth

If only Giambi had used "The Whizzinator"
Elusive sources of power
The Force
The Juice
Yankees. You can get 'roids at any high
school gym

Leader of the Dark Side
The Emperor
The Steinbrenner
Yankees – who else can ooze power while
wearing a simple white turtleneck?

Every emperor needs a servant
Darth Vader
Brian Cashman
"Star Wars"
How the mighty have fallen
Darth Vader is now the voice of "Verizon
Wireless 411 connect"

Kevin Brown – still angry, still surly
and now awful.

"Star Wars"
The Resistance
The rebel forces
The Red Sox
Red Sox – they had a better year.
Fonts of wisdom
Theme song
"Don, don, don, don-da-don, don-da-don!"
"New York, New York"
Yankees. Don't think Sinatra ever closed
a show singing "Don don don, you kookie don, doodle-di-don!"

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Mazda 280Z???
More proof that media writers need to get a few clues before they hurt themselves.

Posted by: Mythilt at May 19, 2005 02:00 PM