May 17, 2005

I'm late to the party. Again.

Grim guest-posted a beaut over at Blackfive's digs: Red State, Blue Collar. Excerpt:

Taranto argues that part of the problem is the arrogance of the national party, which labels people as "working class," as if to separate the poor from themselves. Certainly, mountain folk don't like being looked down upon any more than anyone else.

But I think the real answer is this: Red-State poor do synchronize their voting with their economic interests. They simply don't agree with national Democrats as to where that interest lies. The national party doesn't understand how wealth is created in the Red States, and so it adopts an agenda that is dead-set against what poor people actually want. The worst thing that can happen for the poor is for national Democrats to get their agenda enacted -- the period of time Noah cites began with Bush I's tax increases, and continued through the Clinton administration's "reforms."

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