April 19, 2005

Oh, that liberal media

What do you do when some asshats throw pies at speakers with whom they disagree? I guess that you can blame the victim or claim some sort of moral high ground for the pie-thrower. This article accomplishes both. Nice. Here's an excerpt:

The last few days have seen the predictable lament that the pie-throwers represent the worst thing about democracy—people so inarticulate that the only way they can counter such toxic thinkers as Coulter is to seize the moral low ground by trying to curtail their free speech.

That is far too simple an argument. Throwing a pie at someone who deserves it is one of the most celebrated traditions in our so-called culture.
Clearly, throwing a pie at a lecturer is anathema to serious debate. But what’s worse is the quality of pie-throwing today. Coulter was barely grazed. A PETA pie-hurler a few years ago hit Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman in the back (the back!). Horowitz had more pie on his shirt than on his face. Perhaps, the pie itself is the culprit.

I will assume by this writer's tone that conservative pie-throwers will be welcomed with open arms at Hillary!'s next press conference.

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