April 17, 2005

We have the body

I've mentioned several times how much I enjoyed the Firefly series on television. Looks like releasing the series on DVd has created some new fans.

Let's hope that Serenity box office receipts are large enough so that asswad(s) at Fox responsible for screwing Firefly over get, well, fired. Okay, that's a bit harsh. Just reorganize their positions so that their job responsibilities include cleaning all of the network toilets with their tongues. Just a thought.

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My boyfriend is a Soldier and the only way he gets to watch television series is to buy the DVD sets when they come out. He's a huge Sci-fi fan and loved Firefly. He sent it to me so I could watch it and wouldn't you know it...when I sent it back to him, in a huge care package (hundreds of dollars worth of OTHER stuff in there), it went missing for a couple of months. And that damn series was all he could talk about the whole time. Of course, it's also the reason he doesn't want to get started watching anything else he might like. He couldn't believe it was canceled after one season. I swear he brings that up at least once a month!

Posted by: Joan at April 19, 2005 08:40 PM