April 07, 2005

Useful advice

Claire Wolfe's latest Hardeyville column is a good one: Twelve Tips for Toppling Tyrants. She pays homage to Douglas Adams with Point #1. Excerpt:

POINT ONE: The same advice applies everywhere in the known (and unknown) universe: Don't panic. No matter how terrible things get, panic won't help our cause. As a very wise person recently observed, fear of government's power to control us is a more effective control mechanism than most of the government's actual control mechanisms.

POINT TWO: Don't allow your enemies to push your buttons. When they can keep us in perpetual reactive mode, the opponents of freedom control us. We will never win by pursuing a purely defensive strategy.

By all means, get angry. Indignant. Outraged. Stay informed. Take action. Don't just roll over and tolerate injustice -- ever. But think how power-hungry tyrant-wannabes must laugh to know they have the power to make us run around like Chicken Littles every time they propose some ghastly new act of evil.

If you must react to bad news, be clever and use the news to strengthen your own cause and to help victims of abuse. Be proactive, not merely reactive.

It's a good 'un. Read it all.

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