December 23, 2004

So long, Steven den Beste

You will be missed.

So I finally started catching up on the backlog of blogs I read when I discovered this post over at Rishon's place. The comments she displayed from this Europundits's post explains a lot. I won't do pity, and not just because Steven doesn't want any. I can do sympathy, though. My niece's brother-in-law just buried his second child at the tender age of 4 months; their first child survived until the age of 6 months. Both children suffered from a terminal genetic disease which caused all of their muscles to degenerate at an extremely rapid pace. Children diagnosed with that disorder rarely celebrate their first birthday, and never the second. On a less somber note, my brother-in-law's mother-in-law suffers from MS. Debilitating, of course, but not lethal. At least, not for her. And she doesn't want pity, either.

I remember stumbling onto USS Clueless via Asparagirl's old site. My first thoughts upon seeing the Star Trek-like header weren't positive; then I started reading. It was like a breath of fresh air. At work, I'm surrounded by people who have only a tenuous relationship with facts and logic. Reading den Beste always brightened my day, even when I disagreed with him. Especially so on those occasions. In any event, I will miss reading his words. Take care, Steven.

Posted by Physics Geek at December 23, 2004 07:42 PM StumbleUpon Toolbar Stumble It!

My condolences to your nieces's brother-in-law and family. That is so hard. How do people go on after something like that?

Prayerse for good health to your Mother-in-law. It is my understanding that there is no cure, but I pray the disease goes into remission,and that a cure is found quickly enough to be of help to her.

Posted by: Rachel Ann at December 24, 2004 12:25 PM

I don't know how you go on after two tragedies like that, but I guess you don't really have a choice. Many times, people are much stronger than they know.

I hope I never have to find out if I'm that strong. Even the thought of something like that happening to my children makes my heart stop.

Posted by: physics geek at December 24, 2004 06:23 PM