November 19, 2004


Well, that's odd. I checked my site stats this morning and noticed that I hit a new record for hits yesterday: 375. Small potatoes for most blogs, but a huge hit for me. Then I checked my referrer logs to see who was sending me all of the traffic. I checked the last 100 referrers and found that 67 of them were, umm, me. From this post. Since I don't link to myself in the post, I can't see how I'm generating my own traffic. My guess is that some of it is bleeding over from Risawn, who's been getting buried by the Puppy Blender. Anyway, I don't get it, but I do appreciate the jump in traffic. Now I'll wait and see how long it takes to drop back down to earlier levels.

Update: Welcome Instapundit readers! Stay and visit for a while, if you're so inclined. Especially if you like beer and beer gadgets. At least now I understand the spike in traffic.

Update #2: Turns out that I'm getting lots of links from Risawn, who's been getting swamped with her own Instalanche, which in turn sends people to me. Surprise! Anyway, I just wanted to thank Risawn for adding me to her blogroll. She required only minimal groveling, which was much appreciated. Being a married guy, I exceed my quota for begging every day before breakfast. However, forcing me to wash her car every day for the next 2 years seems a bit pricey.

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