October 22, 2004

Link of the day

And I'm very careful how I use that phrase. Brian has written a masterful dissertation on what a Kerry presidency would mean. Excerpt:

That's what this election will mean. I don't think Kerry's going to win, but I'm bracing myself nonetheless. I'm bracing for condescending, patronizing head-patting from European acquaintances, which is a good deal worse than such acquaintances simply ignoring me out of disgust. I'm bracing for Michael Moore riding the wave of celebratory euphoria and becoming a political celebrity of unprecedented stature for someone from the filmmaking industry, rather like Oliver Stone winning a Senate seat, only with the added bonus of making our philosophical leaders look like the stereotypical fat, loud, obnoxious Americans we're already seen as. I'm bracing for Barbra Streisand, Janeane Garofalo, Arec Bardwin, Martin Sheen, MATT DAMON, Bruce Springsteen, and a thousand other actors and artists being filled with giddy joy and the sense that through the power of movies and songs and petulant theme concerts and appearances on The Daily Show they can change history, even if they haven't given a moment's thought to what they're fighting for except "change".

And now those words you hate to hear: Read. It All.

Update: And Peeve Farm appears to be another one of my frequent reads that I've somehow left off of my my blogroll. Ugh. Situation corrected.

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He paints quite a disturbing picture.

Posted by: Harvey at October 22, 2004 06:04 PM