September 14, 2004

The way things ought to be

Here's the Sullivan that I came to know and respect over the years. He launches a broadside against CBS and Dan Rather. Then again, who hasn't? Excerpt:

Rather can blather all he wants about the political motivation of some in the blogosphere--but what matters is not bias but accuracy. His attitude, moreover, has bordered on the contemptuous; and the blogosphere has chewed him up and spat him out. He has acted as if journalism is a privilege rather than a process; as if his long career makes his critics illegitimate; as if his good motives can make up for bad material. The original mistake was not a firable offense. But the digging in surely is. It seems to me that when a news anchor presents false information and then tries to cover up and deny his errors, he has ceased to be a journalist. I'd like to say that Dan Rather needs to resign from his profession. But, judging from the last few days, he already has.

Update: Turns out that the Puppy Blender beat me to the punch. That almost never happens!

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