September 08, 2004

From the typewriter of Orson Scott Card

Card lives in my old hometown, Greensboro, North Carolina. I kind of wish he'd have been there before I moved away. I'd really like to chat with this guy over a beer. Anyway, his most recent column makes cogent observations. I can already hear the moonbats proclaiming that Card is no more a Democrat than Zell Miller. Hmmm, what to say. I know: blow me. The day that the Democrats as a party kick their freaks to the curb will be the day that I consider trusting them with sharp objects again. On to the excerpt:

Thus Hewitt calls for Americans -- not just Republicans, but all Americans who recognize that only the Republican Party shows the will or the wit to combat our terrorist enemies abroad -- to vote for Republicans all the way up and down the ballot.

Now, as a Democrat, what can I say to that except that, because my party has been taken over by an astonishingly self-destructive bunch of lunatics who are so dazzled by Hollywood that they think their ideas make sense, I have to agree that right now, any President but Bush and any Congress but a Republican-dominated one would be disastrous.

As a Democrat, I would hope that a solid trouncing of our fanatic-ruled party at the polls this November would serve as a wakeup call and remind Democrats that they only get to do the things that the Democrat Party exists to do if they get enough votes to control the White House and Congress. Which requires that you have serious candidates and embrace serious issues that most Americans, not just tiny pressure groups, care about.

And on that day, Democratic moderates can take the party back. And yes, Democratic moderates actually exist. They're all voting for Bush this year, but they'd rather have had a Democratic candidate to vote for.

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