September 03, 2004

My thoughts on the speech

So Bush started talking last night. As he started listing all of his proposed domestic issues, I started to zone out. More this, more that, spend here, spend there, ZZzzzzz..... Presidnet Bush looked uncomfortable and I was wondering to myself, "Is this the best they could do?" Then the President started talking about the WOT. He became more animated and passionate. This was a subject that he felt strongly about. When he mentioned his awe at the ability of families that had lost members during the war, but said that Bush was in their prayers, his eyes actually misted up with emotion. Then it hit me: this is how Bush connects with people. He's not a silver-tongued speaker in public, but when speaks on topics that move him, his spirit and passion shine through. People think to themselves, "I may not agree with him, but this is a good man. And he's not saying these things for effect; he actually believes him."

How is his speech going to play? I don't know since I didn't stay up to watch the mindless idiots focus group of undecideds. My guess is that when swing voters compare Bush's obvious sincerity and compassion to Kerry's faux populism and elitism, Kerry won't come out ahead. Just my opinion, of course. We'll find out if I'm wrong on November 3.

Update: Stephen Green gives his take. Other than being far more eloquent, his views are pretty comparable to mine. Excerpt:

There was no overriding theme to President Bush’s speech, except for the unspoken one: “This is who I am.” No, wait -- let me amend that. The unspoken theme was, “This is who we are.” As Americans.

For all its faults, for all its overtly- and overly-religious tones, this small-l libertarian prefers George Bush’s America to John Kerry’s. I don’t care for NASCAR. I’m not much for country music, Sundays at church, blue-eyed soul, or faith-based initiatives.

But Bush made me feel welcome all the same. No, wait – let me amend that statement, too. Bush made me feel like his place is somewhere I’d like to spend some time and get to know the locals. You know -- down a few beers, chat up the natives and learn their quaint customs.

I don’t feel as welcome, as at home, in the America Kerry painted for us tonight.

Update: Kevin posted the text of the entire speech.

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