September 02, 2004


Normally, I'd think that what Alpha Patriot links to in this post is a joke, a parody. However, the fact that the linkee is Blogs for Kerry, which doesn't appear to be a satire site, I'm inclined to think the Left is even more unhinged than I thought they were, and that's frigging pantload. Excerpt:

Blogs for Kerry proposes a book burning party on (appropriately enough) Oct. 29 -- Joseph Goebbels' birthday. The idea is to burn "Unfit for Command" by the Swifties, as well as any books by Hannity, Sammon, Limbaugh, Coulter, etc.
There is only one comment, and it points out that purchasing books will only cause people to print more -- nothing about the fact that suppression of ideas on a Nazi propagandist's birthday isn't exactly what the Democrat Party stands for.

Or is it?

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