September 02, 2004

"..., They Can't Cheat"

I'm using part of the title from Professor Hewitt's book because of this story. Apparently, there's a law in NM that requires first time voters to present some sort of identification. The law was passed in part because a 13-year old received a Voter ID card in the mail. Not surprisingly, the Democrats have become unhinged. Excerpt:

The statute, he agreed, requires that first-time New Mexican voters registering by mail provide identification at the polls if they did not do so at the time of registration.

But attorneys for Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron and the state Democratic Party say the statute requires identification only from those who do not register in front of a person.

They say the order will create immense confusion and disenfranchise thousands of voters.

"There are thousands of people who could not possibly comply," Democratic Party attorney John Boyd said.

Cannot comply? Why the f**k not? If you don't have a valid form of identification, how in hell did you get a voter card?

When I was younger and more naive, I was simply confused by Democrats resistance to people providing a picture ID when they arrive at a polling place. Yes, I remember Jim Crow and trust me, this it ain't. Now that I'm older and more cynical wiser, I'm convinced that the primary reason Democrats don't want voters to have to prove who they are is because cleaning up the electoral process reduces the Dem's chance to game the system. Vote early, vote often. Vote even if you're dead. WTF has happened to the Democrat party? I know, I know, I've griped about this before, but it still bugs me. And I just don't get it.

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