September 02, 2004

That's going to leave a mark

Got home from teaching class last night and arrived just in time to see Zell Miller make John Kerry his bitch. My wife was watching with me and midway through the speech, she asked me, "How in the world is he ever going to get elected again?" I told her that Zell had already anounced his retirement from public office, but that he was one of the most popular politicians in Georgia's history. If he wanted to run again, the populace would elect him in a landslide.

My favorite part- okay, apart from putting Kerry's record under the microscope while simultaneously Roto-rooting his ass- was when Zell nearly challenged Chris Matthews to a duel. Matthews look surprised and a little bit intimidated. Good. About freaking time someone busted Softball's host in the nose. The Puppy Blender has more:

STILL MORE: Now Miller's on Hardball. Chris Matthews asks him if Kerry really only wants to defend America with spitballs. Matthews calls him a "conservative Republican." Oops! Miller: I knew you were going to be coming at me with all that stuff. This is a bunch of baloney that doesn't have anything to do with what I said. He's right. I change channels. [LATER: By changing channels, I missed seeing Zell nearly challenge Matthews to a duel, and Matthews backing down, according to several reader emails. Jacksonian America indeed! Reader Daniel Wilkins sends: "Chris M. looked like a dog getting a bath. I've never seen him so humbled."]

Update: Mudville Gazette offers the best analysis of the Democrat's spin on the convention so far:

Emerging theme of the Democratic response to the Republican convention speeches:

Schwarzenegger is not a Republican
McCain is not a Republican
Zell Miller is not a Democrat

Update: Kevin has more Miller bitch-slapping Matthews.

Update: Jay Tea was live-blogging Miller's speech. Excerpt:

10:15: Someone call the Audobon Society. There's a Georgia Hawk loose in Madison Square Garden, and it's pissed off. There's blood all over the floor.

Booing the UN, booing France...

Man, someone turned up Miller's fury up to 11. For too many years his party's leaders have been pissing on his cornflakes. He's not just burning bridges, he's blowing them up and all the roads leading up to them and poisoning the rivers. He's not only not taking any prisoners, he's putting heads on pikes. There ain't NO going back from what Miller's doing tonight.

All Zell, all the time!: From an interview at NRO:

MILLER: The Democratic tent has shrunk to the size of a dunce cap. There's no room for conservatives like me. We used to have moderates and conservatives in the party. Then they ran us all out.

Update: Dean tears Sullivan a new one.

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