September 01, 2004

For those not in the Richmond, VA area

I know that Meryl has posted about the flood damage here in Richmond from Tropical Storm Gaston. However, I thought people might better appreciate how widespread the damage was by checking out the images here. It's a slideshow of 22 images. No apparent damage at my house, but I did have to park 200 yards away from my house and wade through 3 feet of water to get home.

Richmond built its floodwall in response to a couple of "hundred year floods" during the 1980's, which resulted in lots of Shockoe Bottom damage. Ironically enough, the flood wall contained the James River just fine. What no one ever considered is that the rain would fall hard enough, run down the streets to the Bottom and flood the living crap out of the area. The storm drains were simply overwhelmed, being unable to handle the massive influx of water.

Oh, and I hear that another hurricane/tropical storm is headed our way this weekend. Great. If anyone's looking for me, I'll be busy inflating a life raft.

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