September 01, 2004

Thoughts on last night's speeches

Ah-nuld really was a rock star at the convention. I'll be interested to see how it plays to the rest of America, but apolitical wife was impressed. Lileks had the best line, though:

Now the line about trusting the US more than the UN. Raucous applause. Chants of USA, which will strike Europeans as the modern-day sound of a Nuremberg rally. Well, they’d know.

Mheh. Haha. BUAHA::hand clapped over mouth::

The Bush twins. Still hot and getting hotter by the day. However, their speech writer should be forced to lick the crumbs off of Michael Moore's belly. Ugh. I liked the self-deprecating moments, but mostly it made me want to change the channel. To the Home Shopping Network. And that channel makes me want gouge out my eyes.

The First Lady was good. My guess is that her appeal will be greater among women than men. However, I loved the contrast between First Lady and First Lady wannabee. Trust me: the Burger Condiment King's wife does not measure up.

I enjoyed Lt. Governor Steele's speech a lot more than the Next Great Democrat from Michigan. Well done.

Good convention for the Republicans so far. Here's hoping that they don't screw it up. Not for nothing is the GOP called the party of the stupid, although it'll be tough to top the Dem's giving Howard "I have a scream" Dean a prime time slot.

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