August 24, 2004

Strengthen the good

I've decided to take time out from my fits of pique over this year's presidential election by linking to something that exists to help people: Strengthen the Good. Excerpt:

The Idea & Call To Action

Create a network of bloggers who raise awareness of “micro charities”—charitable opportunities that are simple, personal, non-bureaucratic, and inspiring. Charitable opportunities where someone can feel great about giving $1, or even just from reading the story of the charity, it’s sponsors, and it’s beneficiaries.

I’ll find them, if you’ll link to them. Every third Sunday night at Strengthen The Good I’ll post about a micro-charity with enough detail that people can qualify the charity and feel good (or even inspired) by what the charity stands for and who it benefits. I won't ask for donations; the mission is only to raise awareness.

Great idea, and I'm glad to be a part of it. And here's the first worthy cause: Hurrican Charley Disaster Relief Fund.

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