July 27, 2004


So a dentist was caught injecting his own semen into the mouths of several of his female patients. Really freaking strange, right? Not as strange as this comment from the psychiatrist that evaluated him:

An Atlanta psychiatrist testified Sunday she doesn't think Dr. John Hall, a Cornelius dentist accused of injecting semen into the mouths of six female patients, has a psychiatric illness or an interest in deviant sex.

Let me repeat: WTF?!

Posted by Physics Geek at July 27, 2004 03:50 PM StumbleUpon Toolbar Stumble It!

Normally I'd agree with the statement, but he was injecting it with a syringe.

If you don't do your injecting with what God gave you, that's deviant.

Posted by: Harvey at July 27, 2004 04:56 PM