July 22, 2004

Rhetorical question alert!

I visit Hugh Hewitt's blog daily. He's both informative and entertaining. The title for his latest Weekly Standard article made me laugh, though:

The Gap
Sandy Berger's pilfering of papers from the archive should be big trouble for the Democrats. Why is the press AWOL?

Helloooo?! Anyone?! Bueller?

Let's be honest: I didn't think that the press could match the level of disigenuousness that they've displayed ignoring the Wilson story. Amazingly, I was dead wrong. Something that hurts the Democrats? Stick yourfingers in you ears and shout "LA LA LA LA LA" as loudly as you can. Information that could potentiall damage the Kerry campaign? Mention Abu Ghraib, regardless of the subject matter. Example:

"Today marks the opening of the Virginia State Fair, which is full of wonders that the prisoners at Abu Ghraib won't have the chance to enjoy."

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