July 20, 2004

Required reading

I don't read the S-Train as often as I should. Case in point is this post. Excerpt:

I know why Quincy walked away. He was getting teary eyed. Just like me. I felt another weight lift off my shoulders during our brief conversation. We fought many times back in the day. Cut each other up real bad. And kept coming back for more. We were insane. Bloodthirsty. And here we are now; two thirty-something black men with families living the right way. Knowing what we did to each other in the past and meeting like that without the hate and anger was just too much. Folks, ain't no shame in my game. I cried like a baby in T-Steel's SUV. Couldn't stop crying. Didn't want to stop. Had to cry. Had to get it out. And my friend and road dawg T-Steel just driving and not consoling me. Just being there and letting me get it out. Cause I didn't need any consoling. I just needed a good friend to just drive and let me deal with it.

Looking back, I think I cried for all the people I hurt. My friends, enemies, and myself. And I think I cried tears of joy, too. Joy in that I'm alive and doing the right thing. Didn't think I had that much pent up emotion in me still. But I feel better now. Something about seeing and talking with an "enemy" that gave my soul a shake. A positive shake.

I can't think of anything useful to add. Link found via the Inoperable Terran.

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