July 19, 2004

Required reading

Orson Scott Card keeps churning thoughtful, well-written columns. Excerpt:

How stupid are Americans?

I think the answer is:
As dumb as we wanna be.

Twelve years ago, Bill Clinton realized he couldn't get a majority to vote for him as a Democrat. So he pretended to be a Republican. He co-opted the Republican position on practically every issue. He left poor President Bush, Sr., with nothing to say except "me too."

And Bush was the incumbent.

Clinton's message back then was: Bush is a complete failure, and I'm going to make everything better by following exactly the same policies.


And Kerry is stealing a page from the Clinton election handbook by focusing on the exact issue where the Republicans have him beaten.

He's not pulling a Howard Dean and raving about pulling our troops out.

No, he's talking like Clinton: Bush has done a terrible, terrible job. Elect me and I'll do a lot better with this war on terror. And you know how I'll do it?

By doing every single thing that President Bush has done. Only I would have done it sooner and better.

Read the whole thing.

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